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Pathways and prices

These three coaching pathways are the most common ways I work with clients. All partnerships start with a free discovery call to explore what support you are looking for and agree the right route for you.

One-to-one coaching packages

Tackle an issue

A stand-alone session to get an objective sounding board on a specific issue or situation.

Accountability over time

Support and accountability over a period of time from an encouraging thinking partner.

Support when you need it

Convenience and reassurance being able to call on a trusted confidante whenever the need arises.

Mental fitness teaching

My coaching is underpinned by positive mental fitness techniques to help you build the habits needed for sustained change. In addition to the exercises I share within coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to do the Positive Intelligence® programme which provides 6 weeks’ intensive learning followed by 12 months of supported practice to embed your ability to handle challenges with a positive mindset.

A little more detail to help you choose the right pathway for your needs

A safe space to get to the heart of the matter

Sounding Board

Stand-alone 60 minute session

When you’ve got an issue and can’t see the best way forwards, you need objectivity, creativity and some aha moments. A stand-alone Sounding Board session gives you a safe space to get to the heart of the matter, see new perspectives, create solutions and find the courage to deal with what really matters to you. 

If you’re someone who constantly gives to others but you rarely reach out for support to refill your own cup you’ll find a Sounding Board energizing and replenishing. It’ll change the way you approach issues in the future by developing a solutions focus so you can become your own coach.


Support and accountability to move into action

Thinking Partner

Six 60 minute sessions over an agreed timespan with text/email check-ins

When there’s something you want to do but ‘stuff’ keeps getting in the way, you need structure, clarity and commitment. Working as Thinking Partners over a set number of sessions provides uninterrupted time to explore your situation and get specific on actions with the benefit of on-going support, encouragement and accountability to see it through.

You’re busy and there will always be multiple demands on your time. But your wants and needs are as valid as everyone else’s. Investing in a series of coaching sessions signals to yourself and others that this goal is important to you. It’ll increase your ability to get things done in future by developing good habits, an action focus and tools to deal with the things that typically sabotage you.


Insight and encouragement when you need it

Trusted Confidante

Sessions available at short notice over a 3 month period, up to weekly if you require.

When you’ve got a challenge ahead and need to up your performance, you need someone who believes in your ability to succeed and will support you all the way. Hiring me as a Trusted Confidante gives you access to that support when you need it, with all the reflection, learning, action and accountability that our conversations will deliver.

These challenges involve some big changes in the way you think and do things and the learning is going to feel scary at times. It’s OK to ask for help – successful people don’t do it alone! Making this sort of investment in your development is a powerful statement about your decision to proactively shape your future. It’ll start to remove the limits we all put on ourselves and change the way you view yourself and your potential.


The not so small print

These pathways are for individuals who are paying for their own coaching. Prices include all preparation, follow up and email support between sessions plus a discovery call before we begin to make sure coaching is the right fit for you. I do not charge VAT at present. Please contact me if you are seeking coaching support from your employer and I can advise on my fees and putting together a business case.