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Career development coach Celia Clark Career development coach Celia Clark
Celia Clark, career development coach

Inspiring you to be happy and successful in your work

Head and shoulders photo of Celia Clark of Inspires Coaching Head and shoulders photo of Celia Clark of Inspires Coaching
Celia Clark, career development coach

Inspiring you to be happy and successful in your work

Career development coach Celia Clark

Clarity and confidence

Hello, I’m Celia Clark, I’m a career development coach.  Whether you’re employed or self-employed, I help you think clearly about your job, in all its ups and downs, so you’re happy and successful in your work.

From unclear direction to work overload, confidence crises to promotion prospects, we’ll simplify the complicated and lower the emotions so you can think clearly, see options and shape your future.

As well as practical steps to achieve your goal, you’ll come away with renewed confidence and trust in your own abilities and a deeper understanding of how to direct your thoughts and actions to enrich your own life and inspire those you work with too. 

I help you:

  • Lay good foundations: get organised, maintain life balance, stay focused and confident with mental fitness

  • Resolve issues: overwhelm, difficult relationships, procrastination, imposter syndrome

  • Rise to challenges: becoming a manager, leading a key project, getting to grips with a new role

  • Create opportunities: seek a promotion, turn a hobby into a business, plan a job move or career change

Amy’s story

Space for thinking, accountability for action

“You helped me get to the heart of what I wanted to achieve and to get to work on making it happen.”

Flexible options for working together

Tackle an issue

A stand-alone session to get an objective sounding board on a specific issue or situation.

Accountability over time

Support and accountability over a period of time from an encouraging thinking partner.

Support when you need it

Convenience and reassurance being able to call on a trusted confidante whenever the need arises.

Imagine life when work is…

GOING WELL so you can give your best, worry less, sleep better and achieve more

BALANCED so you have time for loved ones, space to unwind and energy to do what you love

REWARDING because you’re making a difference, fulfilled and earning what you’re worth

I can help you make this a reality

What inspires me

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford, UK

The ‘dreaming spires’ of Oxford, especially on a crisp Autumn day (hence ‘Inspires Coaching’).

Vegetable growing plot

People who live lightly and sustainably on the planet – check out the Permaculture Association for inspiration.

Entrance to The Story Museum Oxford, with lamps saying 'Speak friend and enter'

Great storytellers who weave epic tales; think Tolkien, JK Rowling, Marvel Comics.

Red oriental poppies

Flowers! Any sort, any colour, they all have a beauty that lifts my spirits.

Woman putting on tap shoes

Singing and dancing with other people – whether it’s a disco or a live stage, there’s nothing like it.

Person using a chisel to carve wood

Master crafts people who have the skill to make and mend things. 

Stream at the bottom of a wooded valley

Walks in wooded valleys and discovering a sparkling stream at the bottom. 

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