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About Celia

About Celia.
Practicality and insight

“Working with Celia helped me to gain a new perspective and new confidence in myself.”

Is work keeping you awake at night or leaving you flat? Do you wish you woke up excited about it instead?

Would you welcome support from someone who believes in your ability to change this and discover your potential in the process?

I’m Celia Clark. I’m a career development coach based in the dreaming spires of Oxford. I help you think clearly about your job, in all its ups and downs, so you can be happy and successful in your work.

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Qualifications and experience

Two decades helping people find happiness and success in their jobs

I have over 20 years’ experience helping people perform well and find satisfaction in their jobs, first as a learning and development specialist within HR and for the last 7 years as an independent coach.

Qualified in Business and Personal Coaching

I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching in 2012 with Barefoot Coaching, accredited by the University of Chester and the International Coaching Federation.

An active PQ COACH

I became a PQ COACH™ in 2021 after discovering the benefits of Positive Intelligence (PQ) for myself. I deliver the Positive Intelligence programme and provide ongoing support for PQ alumni to use and grow their mental fitness.

BSc honours degree in Mathematics 

Studying mathematics honed my clear, logical and systematic way of thinking, skills I use now to help clients analyse their situation, spot patterns and reach conclusions in order to solve their problems.

Committed to excellence and ongoing development

I undertake regular supervision and continuing personal and professional development, in line with the Association for Coaching code of ethics that I adhere to.

My Categories
Possibilities and potential

I believe we’re all a work in progress, full of possibilities and potential. I also believe strongly in personal agency: the power you have to direct your thoughts and actions to enrich your life. What inspires me is seeing people find happiness and success as they realise their capabilities, get back in touch with who they really are and put this at the heart of what they do. 

I have a logical, systematic way of thinking. I love using it to help people think clearly, see their choices and implement practical steps to shape their future. 

Quite simply, it works. I have overcome obstacles and grown so much through on-going coaching. I believe everyone who’s open to learning can benefit similarly from the reflection, action and accountability that coaching delivers.

Maximise the opportunities

I’m fascinated by other people’s jobs – what they do and why they do them. When it’s going well, work gives you challenge and opportunities to reach your potential. When it’s not, it can be miserable and damaging. I help you maximise the opportunities and minimise the problems. 

I had an early window into the world of work, serving in my family’s busy village Post Office as soon as I could see over the counter. My grandmother ran her own business and my sisters went on to run their own businesses too, so being my own boss is obviously in my blood! 

But for the first half of my adult life I was employed in learning related roles, helping people perform well and find satisfaction in their jobs (see my experience on LinkedIn). I’ve worked full and part-time, juggled work and motherhood, changed career and taken the leap out of employment to follow my dream.

The ripple effect

For the first 7 years running my business I focused principally on helping women bust sabotaging beliefs like imposter syndrome, fear of conflict and perfectionism. Women are still the mainstay of many homes and happy, fulfilled and financially secure women can stabilize families which ripples out to strengthen communities.

Gradually though I found myself wondering how I could increase the impact of what I do. How could I help even more people to be happy and successful in their work?

That’s why from 2023, I’m changing my focus from supporting women only to doing more work with HR professionals, irrespective of gender.

These people are key players in the transformation of organisations. In helping HR increase their confidence and resilience doing the complex and demanding work they do, I hope they’ll be better able to improve the work experience for everyone.

This isn’t yet an exclusive focus: I’ll continue working with people from all sorts of roles for now. I’m building support for HR as an area of special interest, drawing on my experience working alongside HR colleagues in my learning and development roles. 

Flexible ways to work with me

Tackle an issue

A stand-alone session to get an objective sounding board on a specific issue or situation.

Accountability over time

Support and accountability over a period of time from an encouraging thinking partner.

Support when you need it

Convenience and reassurance being able to call on a trusted confidante whenever the need arises.

Get Inspired

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Inspired to go it alone

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