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About coaching

At the heart of coaching is the belief that people already have the answers within themselves

What is coaching?

Coaching is a supportive relationship where coach and client work together to help the client change and grow personally or professionally. My role is to help you consider your current situation, decide what is important to you, set appropriate goals, and work out how best to achieve them, working on identifying and overcoming internal or external obstacles on the way.

Read my coaching agreement.

The beliefs that underpin my coaching
  • We are naturally resourceful and likely to have the answers within ourselves if we have help to look for them.
  • The outlook we choose affects everything – our beliefs, our thinking, our actions and ultimately our outcomes can all be changed by changing our outlook
  • We have more potential than we have yet realised.
What can I expect to happen?

We will work together over one or more sessions, depending on what you want to achieve. Being an objective ‘outsider’ means you get my full attention but not my opinions. I’ll ask questions – sometimes the ones you’re avoiding – to stretch your thinking or get to the nub of the matter. Discussion and exercises will help you see perspectives and possibilities you hadn’t thought of before. I’ll encourage you to step outside your comfort zone but not enough to overwhelm you and you’ll come away with do-able actions. 

Why not just talk to a friend?

Sometimes, what your loved ones think is best for you might not be in line with your thinking. Their views are shaped by their own experiences including their fears and insecurities. They see you in a certain way and want to keep you ‘safe’. That’s hard to challenge, and can limit you because you don’t want to disappoint them.

An experienced coach is aware of their own lens on life, notices their own responses to what’s being discussed, and works hard to put these aside so they don’t get in the way.

Flexible packages to suit your situation

Tackle an issue

Sounding Board

A stand-alone session to get an objective sounding board on a specific issue or situation.

Accountability over time

Thinking Partner

Support and accountability over a period of time from an encouraging thinking partner.

Support when you need it

Trusted Confidante

Convenience and reassurance being able to call on a trusted confidante whenever the need arises.