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Four books I’m inspired by (and one I’m in)

October 13, 2021

I’m about to fulfil a long held ambition to become a published author! OK, so my name’s not on the cover, but my story is there, in a real book, printed in black and white, with a GORGEOUS lime green cover 😊. 

Sharing my journey

My experience of leaving a safe job and starting my coaching business is part of a collection of similar stories from women entrepreneurs called Shine On You Crazy Daisy. It aims to inspire and motivate others who are on the same rollercoaster journey. I’m proud to be part of it and found the writing so enjoyable and cathartic, I’m determined it won’t be my last foray into print. Watch this space!

Shine On You Crazy Daisy is published on 14 October 2021 and there’s an accompanying podcast I’ve guested on too. Listen on ApplePodbean or click the video below to watch on YouTube.

However, I’m not your typical budding author who’s been scribbling away since childhood. My enjoyment came about through work. I got copywriting training and experience in my first career in marketing and it’s proved one of my most useful skills since. I admire good writing, whether it’s a clever advertising slogan or one of those books that resonates so much, it seems to be written just for you.

The wisdom of old friends

Our house is full of books, mostly non-fiction titles I seek out like an old friend for inspiration or knowledge when I’m stuck with something. Like these four. These four books found me at just the right time (do you find books do that?) and made such an impact on me I often recommend them to others. So I thought I’d mention them to you too.

Busy by Tony Crabbe – tackle work and information overwhelm

Busy really changed my perspective. I stopped thinking life would be OK if I could only get through everything on my to-do list and instead learned to focus on what matters most to me. I give a more meaningful answer than “busy” when someone asks how I am now too.

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg – make and keep up changes in life

If you want to improve a part of your life, like losing weight or restoring work-life balance, relying on willpower doesn’t work but embedding tiny habits into your everyday routines does. I built a reliable daily stretching routine using Fogg’s approach and reversed the belief I was lazy into the bargain.

Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas – run your business your way

A lot of advice I read suggests you can only succeed in business if you dedicate every hour of your life to it, so I was relieved to find the Chillpreneur. Denise’s take is who wants to get up at 5am when you were up at 4 with one of the kids? Light-hearted but really sound advice for the self-employed woman. 

Playing Big by Tara Mohr – find your voice and make things happen

Feel ignored or suspect you’re playing it safe? Playing Big provides practical tools to help you trust your instincts and inner mentor, identify and pursue your callings and take bold action to make your ideas a reality, without first waiting for confidence (spoiler: the confidence comes as a result of taking action🤫).

So that’s five more books on your reading list! In return, is there a book you’d recommend to me, novel or non-fiction? Email me and let me know. I’d love to know how it’s made a difference to you and share your recommendation with others.

Incidentally, do you find you’ve lost the ability to concentrate on a book anymore? I was the same. I LOVE reading but was finding it increasingly hard to get through a chapter, let alone a whole novel. That’s changing since I’ve been working on my mental fitness. Curious? I’ll be sharing more about how you can build your mental fitness in December’s blog.

About me

I’m Celia Clark. I’m a career development coach based in the dreaming spires of Oxford. I help you think clearly about your job, in all its ups and downs, so you can be happy and successful in your work.

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