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How to love the job you’ve got

February 9, 2022

Have you heard of #TheGreatResignation? It’s the phenomenon that describes record numbers of people leaving their jobs as the pandemic progresses. I’m starting to hear people refer to it when thinking about their career choices; last week someone told me with a wry face that they were thinking of joining the hashtag. 

Maybe you’re thinking the same, or you’ve already done so? 

I’ve got conflicting emotions about this movement. I’m on a mission to see people happy and successful in their work so I’m genuinely excited when someone takes action to make that happen but my planful nature seriously hopes they’ve thought through the financial, practical and emotional ramifications. As I talked about in last month’s blog, it’s important to be in the right mindset when making career decisions

I’m also left wondering about people who are unhappy but can’t move because they don’t have the financial, practical or emotional wherewithall. Are they now experiencing as great a resignation being ‘left behind’? I’ve worked in teams when there’s been multiple resignations. The feeling that you’re going to be the last one left to keep the lights on is unsettling. 

Is a new job the only answer? 

We all encounter times when we find ourselves falling out of love with our jobs. Internal changes can make a smooth and familiar role suddenly seem clunky and unnecessarily complex, difficult market conditions test your resilience and creativity, and sometimes, you’re just ready for new challenges. 

But does the realisation “I need a job change” automatically lead to “I must look for a new job”? 

Not necessarily. There are things you can do before you dust off your CV. It needs thinking time to pin down exactly what those demotivators are and some questions to help you see possibilities. It’s also useful to get back in touch with the parts of your job you still enjoy – these can get forgotten when things aren’t going great.  

To help people in this situation, I’ve put together a short guide to get you thinking differently about 6 common demotivators and what you can do to fall back in love with the job you’ve got. You can download it from my resources page.   

About me

I’m Celia Clark. I’m a career development coach based in the dreaming spires of Oxford. I help you think clearly about your job, in all its ups and downs, so you can be happy and successful in your work.

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